I AM fiercely committed to transforming the lives of LBT (lesbian, bisexual, transgender) women and our allies who are thriving in their careers and entrepreneurial endeavors BUT suffering in other key areas of their life. I teach LBT identified women how to manifest a genuine work/life balance that includes continued success in their professional lives, FINANCIAL FREEDOM, self-love, healthy relationships and friendships, and a renewed passion for LIVING life with no regrets.

Let's get REAL about how you FEEL.


At work (or while running your own business), you feel loved and respected. You FEEL powerful and fulfilled.
You are thriving and moving up the success ladder very quickly. What a great accomplishment!

BUT…. are YOU actually just living a DOUBLE LIFE pretending to be happier than you really are?

Does your “representative” keep showing up instead of the real YOU?

In reality, is….

Your relationship with your partner suffering behind closed doors?
If single, are you struggling with manifesting a healthy & balanced romantic relationship?
Are your friendships suffering?
Are the relationships with your family strained?
Have you realized that money can’t buy happiness and you are ashamed to admit it?

NOW WHAT? Change it!


Contact me today for a FREE CONSULTATION and start your journey towards healing and growth!

Have a LOVE-FILLED day,

“With unwavering faith and the right TOOLS, I believe real healing and real growth is possible and you can start right now, right where you are.” -CKRSO

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