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The GLOBAL PRIDE SUMMIT brought together some of the greatest LGBTQ-A teachers, healers, coaches, artists, celebrities and s/heroes who are moving us forward with their dedication to freedom, self-love and acceptance.


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I am a Certified LGBT Life Coach, Certified Law of Attraction Coach, LGBT Relationship Coach, Wedding Officiant, Radio Show Host, Mentor, Author and Transformational Speaker based out of Los Angeles, CA. I was born in Jamaica, a country still riddled with homophobia and hate for the LGBT community. I often wonder if I didn't move to the United States at a young age, would I have been able to TRULY live my truth and be OUT. I guess I'll never know. But, what I do know for a FACT is that even though I did not have to face some of the harsh realities my LGBTQ brothers and sisters are still facing in Jamaica, I STILL struggled with being MYSELF, with being a part of the LGBT community.

Baby Coach Kerri pictured above in Jamaica (with my oldest brother and my dad)

My family is very religious. My grandfather was a pastor. As a young adult I even taught Sunday School. With religion being such a "big part" of my life, there was no way I could come out to my family. No way! For almost 10 years, I HID who I was. I suffered silently inside my own skin while I appeared to be happy and well adjusted on the outside. It took baby steps to be brave enough to come out. But, eventually I did!

First to my friends, then to my family....then at work. It appeared I was NOW free. Fast forward to me realizing I was DEAD WRONG. There were still other areas of my life in chaos. I was still recovering from childhood trauma, abandonment issues, trust issues, and a host of other very REAL things.

Instead of facing it all.....I pretended. While I might have been flourishing in my career and moving up the Corporate ladder very quickly, my personal relationships were suffering (or something else in my life was suffering). I would have pretty amazing runs (years, sometimes) of flourishing. But, it occured to me that NOTHING in my life was really balanced. Though I had come out, I actually still kept parts of my life hidden and separated. I forced MYSELF to abide by a "don't ask, don't tell" policy because it was safer and easier to do so. I was living a mediocre life.

Then it occured to me... I can't be the ONLY one living like this and there's got to be a better way. It was at that point I knew I had to make a very POWERFUL decision for myself. I would finally ADDRESS what was going on inside of ME and I would once and for all figure out why I was simply settling instead of THRIVING.

Working through my own issues led me to being fiercely committed to transforming the lives of other women in the LGBT community (and our female allies) because I AM a part of this community and so many of us tend to just settle. I knew there were a lot of LGBT identified women who were also NOT living up to their full potential.

I decided to use my OWN life experiences (combined with my 13+ years in Corporate America, my life coach training, my coaching certifications and my college degrees) to make a difference in the lives of other women. 


If you are ready to manifest a genuine work/life balance, FINANCIAL FREEDOM, increased self-love, healthier relationships and friendships,
then you are in the right place.


I teach women in the LGBT community (and our female allies) how to effectively address their life challenges.


I'm also a wife....married to my best friend and soul mate, Neicha Smith-Osei. [Go check out my wife's website when you're all done here] She is an amazing Certified Crystal Therapy Energy Healer, Certified Reiki Master, Certified EFT Practioner (and Certified Life Coach as well... and we do relationship coaching, match making and officiate weddings together).

A couple more fun facts about me ... I started a movement back in 2005 that focused on addressing key issues within the LGBT community covering topics such as reconciling your sexuality and religion to coming out at any age. In 2009, I launched an online radio show called “Lesbian Power Hour w/Coach Kerri” (I've had several radio shows since then). My radio show reached thousands of listeners weekly offering support, guidance and insight on issues that plagued their life simply because they identified as a lesbian (or part of the LGBT community overall).

I have worked with LGBTQ youth in foster care helping them transition out of the system guiding them on coming out and being queer with limited family support.

I am also a member of the Los Angeles Women’s Network, a diverse membership organization that supports the Los Angeles LGBT Center's vital services for women and girls by providing opportunities for service, education and networking.

I have been featured in the media (print and online) and most recently featured in Curve magazine (Sept/October issue on newsstands now) as well as in the LGBT docufilm, "Closet Talk." I have taught numerous empowering workshops all over the country and have delivered inspirational speeches. I have also published three E-books and am a featured columnist and blogger for several women empowerment magazines and organizations.

I have created virtual coaching courses, virtual coaching boot camps and VIP programs focused on self-love, personal development, career advancement, relationships, and spirituality. I am super blessed and grateful to be living my dream and healing others in the process!



"A coach can play any number of roles –mentor, consultant, motivator, but one thing she is not is a therapist. Coaching deals with the “how” : how you can move on from where you are and make change. It’s action-oriented, and concerned with the present and future, not the past." - Shape Magazine

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