Life Coach Training


Many individuals come to the realization that they want to be of service to others.

Are YOU one of those people?

Do you possess the ability to motivate others while being a problem solver?
Does the idea of "guiding others" to uncovering their TRUE life purpose make you smile?

How does one harness the desire to be of service into an actual Coaching Business?

A LIFE COACH gives to individuals what a sports coach gives to an elite athlete. S/he helps, supports and empowers a person, an organization or a team of individuals to achieve specific goals in different areas of his/her/their life.


Life coaching in my opinion is not so much a career choice, as it is a calling. You must have certain innate qualities already present within you to be a great life coach. You may have noticed that everywhere you turn nowadays, "someone" is calling themself a life coach. PLEASE NOTE just because someone refers to themself as such doesn't make them good at it. I say this with much respect for those who are actually really good at it, those who have taken the time to hone this craft, those that actually CARE about the individuals they are guiding. Be mindful.

An excellent way to prepare to become a Life Coach is to hire a Coach and experience the coaching process for yourself. This gives you an idea of what your clients go through when they speak with you. Use your insights to make the process as smooth and as easy for them as you would like if you were the client.


Receive Your Certification in Month 3

12 weeks (3 months) of "REAL WORLD"  Life Coach Training at your disposal. All you have to do is SHOW UP each week and DO THE WORK!

I offer a comprehensive LIFE COACH TRAINING PROGRAM that gives you the tools to FIRST understand if this path is really for you. Once we have determined that it is, the rest unfolds perfectly.

What you will get out of this Training Program:

  • My REAL WORLD experience as a Certified Life Coach who has a thriving Coaching business (my approach is independent of whether you are targeting the LGTBT community or not ; I have trained straight and gay life coaches, both men and women)
  • An opportunity to role play with me to prepare you for REAL LIFE coaching sessions
  • An opportunity to have me on the phone during your first 2-4 coaching sessions (your clients will not know I am on the line; I am there simply to support you as you get used to being a Life Coach ; this is an option and not mandatory)
  • Access to my Coaching network (where relevant)
  • Access to me 5 days a week by text, social media and email (and by phone if it is an emergency) even when we don't have a Coaching session scheduled
  • ALL the tools you need to start and run a successful coaching business including (but not limited to) all the forms you will need for your clients and sample worksheets with the questions and strategies to use with your clients
  • Actual coaching and mentoring with me for the first 4 weeks of the program (this is to determine what outstanding issues or challenges YOU are still struggling with in your own life and an opportunity to resolve those challenges before moving forward ; if you are not "ok", you can't help anyone else be "ok")
  • Ongoing mentoring AND support for up to ONE YEAR after you have started your business (until you feel comfortable / it is your choice to take advantage of this perk)

You will learn:

  • How to transition into Coaching from another career (how to write a skeleton business plan: 2 - 5 year plan)
  • All the stages of learning to be a Coach (including what legal ramifications come with Coaching and a list of who you need as a part of your business, i.e. small business accountant, etc.)
  • How to get organized in your life AND Coaching business
  • How to have a work/life balance
  • How to know who to Coach (your target market)
  • How to choose a niche of Coaching (what kind of life coach will you be?)
  • How to brand your Coaching business
  • How to market your Coaching business (how to write a marketing plan for your business, etc.)
  • How to price your Coaching services
  • Contact strategies for prospects / How to get clients
  • Networking strategies (who should you collaborate with?)
  • How to write an elevator speech (how you describe your services in 5 sentences or less)
  • Online and social media best practices and strategies (how to create your Facebook fan page, Twitter page, Newsletters, etc.)
  • How to package yourself as a Coach online AND offline
  • How to trouble shoot your Coaching practice


  • 1 Virtual Coaching Course of your choice at NO COST
  • I will promote YOUR business on MY social networks and in my newsletter (even if our target market is the same, I don't believe in competition!)
  • I will bring you on my radio show and promote your business once every quarter (Click here to listen to my radio show)

    Click here to read FAQS about Life Coaching in general.

Below you will find just a few testimonials from some of the Life Coaches I have trained and mentored. Also, check out testimonials from some of my satisfied Life Coaching Clients, Facebook Fans and Twitter Followers by
clicking here!

"Coach Kerri doesn't just train you—she becomes your partner in becoming a life coach, offering you mentoring, marketing help and personal development coaching in addition to teaching you the skills you need for success. I'm excited about coaching and very confident about my new career path now that I've taken her three month training course and am preparing my first big program! If you've been thinking about becoming a coach, contact her." - Coach Jack Ori, motivational life coach (

"You've helped me mute the fear that was slowing me down, reached out and
have earned my first payday as a result! Restored confidence put me back in action with sample sessions (3 since our last session) and they were definitely my best. The last two weeks have been really incredible and if anything, I want to expand my current momentum." -
KL Elliot

"Life coach training with Coach Kerri has been more than just training; it has been a trans-formative experience and one of the most affirming experiences I have ever had! Coach Kerri is an attentive, keep-it-real, challenging, and powerful mentor and coach. There was no question too hard and I never felt like she was unavailable to me. She helped me believe in my gifts and how they serve my purpose. I often mimic her style of coaching and positive approach to coaching with my own practice. I am just starting to build a clientele, but I feel more than ready to do so thanks to training with Coach Kerri. I am grateful for the real "true to life" approach she used to train and encourage me to be who I already am, just with intention!" ~ Coach Clears (Signed her first 3 clients right after her FIRST consultation with each of them)

"I met Coach Kerri several years ago when I was entertaining the idea of becoming a life coach. I approached her about embarking on this new career choice and she provided the encouragement and direction I needed to get started. I haven't looked back since. I now have a growing client base and a strong social media presence thanks to her influence and guidance. She has shared her knowledge, resources and experiences without reservation. She helped put my feet in the starting blocks and I'd recommend her to anyone considering a life path as a coach." ~Coach Brent

"A few months ago I approached Coach Kerri about mentoring me to become a Life Coach. I had been following her on Twitter for several months prior to approaching her; her inspirational messages and energy drew me in. Coach Kerri was prompt in her response to my request, and was willing to work within the parameters of my budget, and offered me a service that would bring about an amazing return on my investment; one that has proven to be immeasurable. I graciously attribute my fast start and much of the success of my growing coaching practice to the guidance, insight, and support she has rendered to me. Today she remains my personal Life Coach, and I continue to confide in her wisdom for ongoing support. She is also someone I would consider a friend." ~Coach Speaks

"I hired Coach Kerri to jump start my career as a Life Coach 2 years ago. She was extremely knowledgeable, supportive and insightful. We clicked immediately because of the passion and excitement we shared for coaching. To this day, Kerri still mentors me and gets me energized every session. I would highly recommend Coach Kerri to anyone.” ~Coach Iaonole

"Coach Kerri is a phenomenal and powerful influence in my life. When I asked her to be my mentor, she embodied that presence and so much more. I am blessed to have her join me on my journey. I thank her for pouring into me and encouraging me in my Higher Work. I look forward to the amazing work we will do together and individually." ~Coach Renair Amin, Life Stylist

2015 Cost of Program:

  • $900 (3 month commitment)
  • Additionally, there is an option of making 3 monthly payments of $300.

How the Progam Works:

  • We meet for WEEKLY one hour coaching sessions via phone, SKYPE or in person if you live in the Los Angeles area
  • You will receive coaching homework weekly to be completed BEFORE our next session

Ready to take the PLUNGE?

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Please note, if you are choosing to pay in 3 monthly installments, there is a $150 deposit required to reserve your spot in the program. If you are ready to register, please pay your deposit below. Upon receipt of payment, you will receive your welcome kit and everything you need to jumpstart the program. Your deposit is automatically applied toward your balance for your first month of coaching.

Deposit - $150

Amount: $



Full Payment - $900 (Certification cost included)
(You will receive a confirmation email with additional details and your Coaching Forms, including a Welcome Kit, Goals Worksheet and a Coaching Disclaimer)

Amount: $



Month 1 - $300 (Invoice for Payment 2 and 3 sent separately)
If you have already made your $150 deposit above to reserve your spot, simply put in $150 below to complete your partial payment.
(You will receive a confirmation email with additional details and your Coaching Forms, including a Welcome Kit, Goals Worksheet and a Coaching Disclaimer)

Amount: $


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