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Time to move on from what no longer serves you like -- self-sabotage, harsh self-criticism and emotional trauma.
It can feel like a tape playing over and over again -- how you talk to yourself. Getting caught up in the past, wishing things were different, worrying about the future...losing sight of living in the present.
That moment you realize you need a NEW plan for your life, a BETTER plan, a plan that actually WORKS. 
That moment you realize you need to learn how to pour back into YOU. Because, you've put YOU off for too long.
This IS that moment.
If the concept of I DESERVE has become lost in translation somewhere along the way... and you're stuck in a cycle...same stuff, different day, then you've arrived in the right place.
It's time to break the cycle. Get out of EMOTIONAL turmoil and get YOURSELF back.

Imagine a transformation so POWERFUL, so on point, so amazing, so life changing, so liberating, so fulfilling, so WORTH IT and then being able to say:

"This IS me NOW!!"

...and actually mean it -- because you've changed, but... FOR REAL THIS TIME. The best way to get there is to say YES to YOU, then dive in. 

My VIP signature program allows you to say YES to yourself |finally|
Allow Me To Re-introduce Myself:
The 6 step-process to mastering the art of UNAPOLOGETIC self-celebration, self-care and self-love
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Most clients experience IMMEDIATE results in their first session.
This program combines souldriven life coaching provided by me personally, music, as well as interactive hands-on coaching exercises using real world scenarios.

A complete set of hand-outs, checklists, worksheets & workbook is provided.

You'll also receive a copy of the video recording of our session/s (in person and video chat sessions are recorded for your convenience). 


  • This program incorporates tools for healing emotional trauma and ways to practice radical forgiveness
  • This program increases your level of self-love and self-care -- changing the game AUTOMATICALLY & IMMEDIATELY.
  • You'll learn a series of unapologetic ways to self-celebrate and how to shower yourself with self-care daily (no matter how busy you THINK you are).
  • And, so much more!

Your VIP sessions can be LIVE in person or VIRTUAL (session facilitated via Zoom.us). In-person sessions are available in Los Angeles, Long Beach, Orange County, Sacramento, San Diego, San Francisco and Las Vegas.
*If you live outside of California and Las Vegas but would like to meet in person for a VIP Coaching Session, custom arrangements can be made. Please request more information and include your city/state when you click for more information below.
Schedule a FREE discovery session by CLICKING HERE and let's see if we vibe and if working together is the best fit.
When you are ready to say YES, you will simply choose your preferred time frame: Mini VIP Intensive (3 hrs), Half-Day VIP Intensive (6 hrs) or Full Day VIP Intensive (8 hrs) and provide your deposit for processing to secure your spot for 2017. A customized agenda for your VIP day session will be forwarded to you via email. Your agenda outlines everything we will cover in your VIP Intensive Session (with a breakdown of each topic and the time-frame allotted to each area).
Everything in this program is outlined in a "ready to go, just bring yourself" format.
Short breaks are included in all VIP Intensive Sessions. Lunch is provided for Half-Day and Full Day sessions (even if we are meeting virtually....lunch is still on me and will be delivered to your location in time for your scheduled break; You will also receive some healthy and delicious 'snacks' in a goodie bag in the mail prior to your appointment).

What's included in these VIP Intensive Coaching Sessions?
  • 1-on-1 SoulDriven life coaching sessions provided by Coach Kerri personally
  • A custom music playlist created just for you to be used during your coaching exercises (you'll get a copy of the playlist too!)
  • Interactive hands-on exercises using real world scenarios during your coaching sessions
  • A comprehensive set of hand-outs, checklists, worksheets and a workbook
  • A copy of the video recording of your VIP session
  • After-care solutions and guide
  • VIP goodie bag (gifts for mind, body, soul replenishment -- Think...."Oprah's favorite things" list)
The program is seamless and it works because you have an accountability partner and coach that ONLY wants to see you succeed every step of the way which is why everything you need IS provided (from the notebooks and pens you'll be using to take notes to all the meals, snacks and beverages you could think of ever needing during your session...you're covered).
The program is literally designed in a "ready to go, just bring yourself" format.

For more information on signing up for a VIP session in 2017, click here to email me!



Self-study version of this amazing program is also available!

Instead of meeting in person, you get all of your content digitally via email, video and text. You can complete the exercises in your own time, at your own pace.

Your emails will have everything you need including videos, interactive exercises, real world examples, a workbook and much more!

BONUS: You have access to me via special office hours I reserve just for you weekly. I make myself available to answer all of your questions personally and IN REAL TIME.

If you're interested in learning more about the self-study version of:

Allow Me To Re-introduce Myself:
The 6 step-process to mastering the art of UNAPOLOGETIC self-celebration, self-care and self-love



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SoulDriven Speaking

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For more information on booking me as a speaker for your next event, Click HERE!


SoulDriven Travel

  • Successfully booking travel for all VIP clients since January 2016.
  • Now open to the general public. Air, hotel, car, cruise -- our travel agents can plan your entire trip including activities at your destinations. Proudly supporting LGBT travelers and our allies.

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