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Elite lifestyle and relationship coaching for WOMEN in the LGBT community

Virtual Coaching Courses

Relationship Rejuvenation Virtual Coaching Course

This course is offered by email and is 10 days long.
Each day, we touch on a different topic related to your relationship.

Within this virtual coaching course you will receive tons of info, exercises and tools to help
YOUR relationship get back on track OR to see if this is even the right relationship for you.

This course can be done with or WITHOUT your partner.
You can also do some of the exercises by yourself and include your partner if you want.

See below for topics covered:

Day 1 - Open and Honest Communication : Part 1
Day 2 - Open and Honest Communication : Part 11
Day 3 - Fatal Flaws
Day 4 - Trust
Day 5 - Boundaries
Day 6 - Charting Your Love
Day 7 - Boost Your Attraction
Day 8 - Self Love
Day 9 - Sexual Chemistry
Day 10 - Are you Compatible?

Who is this course ideally for?

  • Couples who have been arguing more than usual
  • Couples who have felt like giving up on each other and walking away
  • Couples who struggle to communicate
  • Couples who wonder if they can make it through the tough times
  • Couples who may not be ready for FULL ON couples coaching, but need some help
  • Couples who may be embarrassed to share their personal STUFF with anyone but are willing to do some work on their own
  • Couples who are just going through the motions at home, but not truly  happy
  • Couples who are seeking to get THEIR happy back in the relationship

If you feel like I've described you or your partner above, this course is for YOU!

Sign up today.