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"When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change" This Wayne Dyer quote sums up the way I live my life and coach my clients. Everything boils down to perception and choices.

I am a Certified LGBT Life Coach, Certified Law Of Attraction Coach, Relationship Coach and Motivational speaker based out of Los Angeles, CA. and I am fiercely committed to guiding women in the LGBTQ community. I use proven coaching techniques plus my own life experiences to teach women in the LGBTQ community how to heal and grow and want to show up and share more of themselves no matter what has happened in their life. It all leads to MORE self-love, MORE passion for life and a clear purpose.

I teach women how to leave internalized shame, self-hate and self-doubt behind.

I have made it my ongoing mission to create lasting change within the LGBTQ community. I co-founded an organization in 2005 called, “Lesbian Clicks” and used the platform to address key issues within the LGBTQ community from reconciling your sexuality and religion to coming out at any age. In 2009, I launched an online radio show called, “Lesbian Power Hour w/Coach Kerri” that reached thousands of listeners weekly and offered support, guidance and insight on issues that plagued their life simply because they identified as a lesbian.

I have worked with LGBTQ youth in foster care helping them transition out of the system, come out to their friends/family and guidance around being queer with limited family support.

I teach numerous empowering workshops all over the U.S. and deliver inspirational speeches to diverse audiences including nationally recognized organizations, private label organizations and non-profits. I have published three E-books and am a featured columnist for several women empowerment magazines and blogs.

“With unwavering faith and the right TOOLS, I believe real healing and real growth is possible and you can start right now, right where you are.” -CKRSO


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