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SoulDriven Emotional Healing Series, it's a LIFE event.


The goal of this healing series is to increase your self-awareness, incite your growth and facilitate the CHANGE you've been waiting for. The journey back to YOU starts with the SoulDriven Emotional Healing Series.









The SoulDriven Emotional Healing Series puts you in control of your HEALING despite hopeless it may feel.


SoulDriven Emotional Healing Series - Teleseminars I - IV

I. Healing Childhood Emotional Trauma (pre-recorded)








As a child...

  • Did you ever feel helpless or unsafe because of sexual, physical or verbal abuse?
  • Did you ever witness domestic violence?
  • Were you in an unstable environment?
  • Were you abandoned, rejected or separated from a parent for an extended period of time?
  • Were you ever neglected or bullied?


In this Teleseminar, you learn how to:

  • GET REAL ABOUT HOW YOU FEEL: How to recognize the damage your childhood emotional trauma has caused 
  • TAP OUT OF THE BLAME GAME: How to let go of the blame and shame you feel around what has happened
  • TAP INTO YOUR OWN FORGIVENESS PROCESS: How to truly forgive those that hurt you so you can be FREE of the pain
  • START ON THE JOURNEY TO THE NEW YOU 2.0: How to cultivate healthy souldriven behavior and habits, as well as relevant 're-parenting techniques' you can start using IMMEDIATELY as a part of healing your childhood emotional trauma



II. Healing Adulthood Emotional Trauma (pre-recorded)

As an adult...

  • Do you struggle with receiving criticism, even if it is constructive and beneficial?
  • Do you get defensive and shut down to protect your feelings?
  • Do you get angry when confronted about your behavior?
  • Do you struggle with being accountable for your actions?
  • Do you tout INDEPDENDENCE but long to be loved and accepted for who you are?
  • Do you struggle with people pleasing?
  • Do you struggle with creating BOUNDARIES?
  • Do you hold in your emotions but blame other people for not recognizing how sensitive you are?


In this Teleseminar, you learn how to:

  • CONNECT AND CLARIFY: Understand why past emotional trauma still controls your actions in the present in an unconscious way. Discover your true emotional needs and how to meet them.
  • REFRAME YOUR MEMORIES: Diffuse the pain of past trauma and reframe the memories around what has happened so you can finally be free.
  • BE ACCOUNTABLE: Stop giving away your power by remaining a victim. Get honest with yourself and take responsibility for your healing.
  • LOVE YOURSELF EVEN WHEN IT'S HARD: Shift from self-sabotage to self-love. Learn how to create a healthy relationship with yourself, one that is powerful and worthy of celebrating.


III. Healing Relationship Emotional Trauma (pre-recorded)

  • Have you ever been in a relationship that left you feeling broken and questioning your own worth?
  • Have you ever had a partner that was verbally abusive?
  • Have you ever felt uncomfortable sharing your true feelings with your partner?
  • Have you ever felt like you did not have a voice in your relationship?
  • Have you ever had a partner withhold love, affection, attention or money as a form of control in your relationship?
  • Have you ever been sexually assaulted by a partner?
  • Have you ever had a partner stalk or disrupt your life negatively after a break up?
  • Have you ever had a partner threaten to reveal personal information about you if you broke up with them?
  • Have you ever had a partner bash you on social media?

In this Teleseminar, you learn how to:

  • RECOGNIZE WHEN YOU HAVE BEEN GASLIGHTED: Recognize signs of gaslighting (manipulation and narcissistic abuse) and how to combat it.
  • ATTRACT WHAT YOU REALLY DESERVE: Recognize why you have attracted abusive partners in the past and how to break the cycle.
  • USE YOUR VOICE EVEN IF IT SHAKES: Stand up for yourself. Communicate your needs authentically even when you are afraid of being rejected.
  • RETRAIN PEOPLE HOW TO TREAT YOU: Get clear on what a healthy relationship should look like and feel like. Set expectations on how you want to be treated by following some simple rules and setting boundaries.


IV. Radical and unapologetic self-care, detox and healing from old stories (pre-recorded)

In this Teleseminar, you learn how to:

  • CLAP FOR YOURSELF: No longer rely on outside validation for feeling worthy. Detox from the need to be loved for all the wrong reasons.
  • SELF-CELEBRATE: Consistently celebrate yourself for all of your accomplishments, big and small any day of the week.
  • SELF-NURTURE: Create new and healthy ways to take care of your own emotional needs without self-sabotage.
  • GET IN ALIGNMENT WITH YOUR TRUE DESIRES: Create a 5 point daily ritual that makes you feel alive and contributes to your true transformation and continued healing.

ALL 4 Teleseminars - $19.97


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