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Are you ready to move past your limiting beliefs?
Are you ready to release your emotional baggage?
Are YOU ready to move on from the b.s. that's holding you hostage and making you doubt yourself, your worthiness and your ability to THRIVE, not just survive?
Are YOU ready to release the emotional trauma causing you issues (mommy issues, daddy issues, relationship issues, identity issues, money issues, self-image issues, self-confidence issues, work issues....ugh! ALL the issues!)?
If you answered, YES .. then please keep reading.


I am a Master Certified Life Coach, Certified Emotion Code Practitioner, Certified Law of Attraction Coach, Couples Coach, Mentor, Trainer and Speaker. I am also an Associate Marriage and Family Therapist.
My superpower is, I teach queer BIPOC women & our allies how to tap into their PERSONAL POWER by doing shadow and healing emotional trauma. By releasing negative trapped emotions they can make more money, attract healthier relationships and achieve optimal health and wellness.
Overcome your personal struggles.
Learn how to leverage the Law of Attraction to create an I DESERVE mindset.
If you're a Female Entrepreneur, you can also receive personal power mentoring designed to push YOU to the next level in your industry while navigating through growing pains.
Are YOU ready to create the life YOU deserve?

INVEST in YOUR expansion.

Create a new VISION for your life.


Experience proven methods designed to heal your emotional trauma, increase your self-confidence and create a new mindset.

Join the countless number of women and allies who have already said YES.

It's YOUR turn!


Utilizing a combination of proven psychological methods, teachings from leaders in the personal development industry PLUS, energy healing (THE EMOTION CODE ), Law of ATTRACTION , Law of Detachment my proprietary coaching tools and of course.... my real world experience, I am prepared to take YOU to the next level.

I am on a mission to heal, inspire and empower as many BIPOC Queer women and allies as possible worldwide.


I am PASSIONATE about sharing the tools that brought me from feeling wounded and broken to being a mental health professional, successful entrepreneur, solution-driven life coach, gifted energy healer, powerful mentor, results-driven trainer and master manifestor .


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